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Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

By Margarte Wise Brown

Pictures by: Clement Hurd


Goodnight Moon is by far one of the best books I have read. The book is a 30 page book about nighttime. The book starts off with a little white rabbit tucked away in his bed. He is all snuggled up an cozy in his green room as he looks around and says goodnight to everything. He starts off with his phone and a red balloon and ends off saying goodnight to noises everywhere.

What is great about this book, is that it is written in a fun way that children love and can follow along with. For example on one page the rabbit says in a rhyming tone, good night clocks, and good night socks. On a different page, the rabbit gets all cute and says good night to the lady whispering hush. It is just written for a child and that is what makes it fun to read.

As a side note, I thought it was very clever idea to have every other page in colors. For example on one page, in full color the rabbit says good night room. On the next page in black and white, the rabbit says good night moon, good night cow jumping over the moon. What I like about the feature is that it makes it very calming for kids before bed. Kids love to read in color but at the same time, to much color can be overstimulating. Goodnight Moon has just the right amount of stimulation and calming effects.


  • Fun bedtime book
  • Rhyming
  • Poem
  • Humors kids
  • Great illustrations
  • Easy to read for kids of all ages
  • Board book


  • This is a great book but one of the kids I read it to, did not like the fact there was no mommy kissing the child before bed. I guess this is a kids book, and a few of the kids missed that feature.


  • If you have a  child having difficulty going to bed, try reading this book to the child in an interactive way. For example when you read goodnight comb, goodnight brush, like the little rabbit have the child point it out in his room. When you read more difficult things like red balloon, have your child point to something red. Hopefully this will show your child that bedtime can be fun and motivate them to stay in their rooms.
  • Collages are a great way to help kids express themselves by using colors and various objects. Bring to your child a bunch of magazines and scraps. After reading Goodnight Moon give your child a piece of paper and together the two of you can make a collage of how you interpret the book. For example he might like good night socks and paste on many pairs of socks cut out from a magazine. This can be a really fun project so try to think out of the box. For example if you have some spare newborn socks or red balloons, now is the time to bring them out. Hands on activities are a great way for kids to learn and express themselves.

Age Range:

  • Ages 1 and older

Bottom Line:

In addition to being a really fun bedtime book, Goodnight Moon is one of the best books in my book collection. My girls enjoy it as well as my special needs kids. I actually have one child with limited vocabulary who is always requesting the Moon book. Goodnight Moon has many great qualities to it from the rhymes to the illustrations. Kids of all ages enjoy reading this book. I would recommend this book as a give to get your child or any child you know of. It is a great addition to any child library. 

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What was your or your child's favorite bedtime book?


  1. Hi Lady Lilith,
    I seem to remember reading this book when my grandkids were younger and they really enjoyed it. I bet they wouldn't even mind if I read it to them now and they are 12 & 8 now!

    Thank you so much for this review and reminding me about Goodnight Moon.

  2. I remember reading that to my kids when they were little. They also love the Bernstein Bears. Brings back the memories.

  3. My kids loved this book. I really like your collage idea. I'll have to try that with my two older kids. They love art!

  4. ohh This book brings back so many memories!! I used to read this book when I was in elementry and I actually remember one of my teachers reading this to us during "nap time" hehe!

  5. I love that book! It's so sweet and lovely, thanks for bringing it to mind today!

  6. This one is definitely a classic. How awesome it would be to write something that touched so many young lives!

  7. This was one of my oldest son's faves! And...I love it, too-simply magical!!! There's actually a short film of it, too. :) T.

  8. We read this book so many times, we had it memorized. We could recite it. I always loved the illustrations - how each page got darker. And we'd always look for the little mouse. I have such wonderful memories of this book!

  9. Good Night Moon has always been a favorite here. About your negative--I did not think about that, but the no kissing is a worthy criticism.

  10. The book will be suggested to my friends who have kiddis.

  11. Sounds like as I must read this although I'm grown up since decades :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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