Thursday, October 30, 2014

8 Safety Tips to Keep your Kids Safe this Holiday

Sending your kids out during the holidays can be both fun and scary. On the one hand, you want to make sure they stay safe all the time and no harm comes to them. From their perspective, they think they know it all. They are ready to hit the big world alone. Finding a balance of being a responsible parent while giving your little one the freedom they want can be challenging. Over the past few year, I have made a list of safety tips and tricks that have worked for me. Here are some tips to keep in mind while heading out this holiday season.

Newborn - 4

1. While this is the fun stage and kids normally listen to you, keep in mind you might get separated from your little one accidentally. Now I know you are super carful and love your children but one of two things might happen: you might encounter a large crowd, or your child will run to show off a costume to another friend or family member. As this can happen to the best of parents, and you will try your best to stay with you child, be prepared. In the costume sew, in a small tag that has the child's name and the cell you will be carrying that night. Sorry I had to put that in. When I am with my girls I tend to get a little paranoid. In order not to show it, I do subtle things. I know my girls are safe and I feel happy. 


2. I find this stage super difficult. I still feel they are babies but at the same time, they want to be all grown up and independent. They are all so cute and dressed up, they feel it is a bother to have a parent around so I give them independence the fun way. We walk all around together. When we get to a house, I want on the side walk and they can go alone. This way I am not in their faces but at the same time, I am  all eyes on them. 


3. With every passing year, they like to be more independent. It is really hard so we have a group plan. A few parent have to agree to this but it can work. Take about 4 teens. Every parents has to agree to a certain 45 minutes before hand. The group of 4 get to go alone with only only one parent chaperone. Like before, the parents stay on the side walk but the kids feel all grown up being part of a group and hanging out with friends. 


4. This gets more difficult with age but again we do the whole group thing only this time, the parents wait on the street corner or follow along in the car. The kids have to check in after each block and the parent escorts them to the next block. Basically they are going around fully independently but not to far from a parent. If any thing were to happen, a parent is close by. 


5. I feel the kids are mostly grown up and love to go alone. The first hour, when it is still light out, the kids can do around the stores alone. After the hour is up, the parens escort them to the corners and give them their independence. It is so cute to see the kids all grown up and independent. 


As hard as you try, a teen is a teen and the older they get, the more they think they know. Rather they fighting this, just give them all the independence they need only do it in a safe way. After they go around to the stores, it will start to get dark out. You want your kids to be safe and have fun. 

6. As they go in a group, make sure they all have some sort of reflective device on them. It can be part of a costume or an armband. Some kids are small and not all adults are good drives. The best you can do is make sure they are seen.

7. Together with your kids and their friends, make a list of the locations they will visit. If they plan on going to a party, ask them the time and location. 

8. At the end of the day, setting a curfew would be best. This is of course up to you. If they are going to a party you approve of the curfew might be later but at the end of the day it is up to you and your family.

Bottom line: 

The holidays are so much fun. I know for me and my family, we are always up to a good party. My girls are always having friends over and we are always having such fun. As much fun as we have, that is how safe we are. Finding a balance between fun and safety can be difficult. 

I wish you and your family a really fun holiday this year.

What will you be dressing up as?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Universal Cell Phone Mount for Smartphone

I do a lot of travel. For the most part, we all go to and from work. I like to walk as much as I can but sometimes I have no choice but to take a ride in the car. On those occasions, allowing the driver to use the cell phone in a safe way is super important. When I got this product to review, it looked really interesting. Not the usual cell phone holder that we are used to.

cd mount cell phone holder of all phone devices
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Universal CD Mount Cell Phone Holder


This is really easy to install. Jut place the skinny part in CD holder of car. Adjust the nob in the back and you are ready to attach your electronic device.

Attaching your device is just as simple. On the bottom are two turntable handles. Turn out and place phone on top. Press button on side of device for a bigger phone. For smaller phones, just squeeze in the side holders.

The parts touching the phone are made of a nice soft study foam to help protect phone from bumps on the road.


Safety of course. It is really important not to use any devices when driving but it you must, a holder is best. You can talk on the phone. Turn the speaker up and you are ready to go. My favorite part is using it as a speaker. The kids can listen to the music they love rather then having to deal with the radio.


  • Hands free driving
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Can hold both small and large devices


  • Does not stay securely. Is very shaky even when driving a smooth straight road.

Bottom Line:

With cell phones being such a huge part of our generation, having a Universal CD Mount Cell Phone Holder is really important. This allows not only the phone we use to be mounted when driving but other phones as well as future phones we may get. This version can hold many different sizes allowing many drivers to be safe and concentrate on the road. This is not only important for your safety, but for the safety of your kids.

Do you use a cell phone mount in the car?

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fun Complet Set of 15 Wooden Professionals

Like many parents and educators, wooden toys have always been a favorite. The kids love them as well as the adults. The are great to mix and match various sets and bring hours of creative, fun educational imagination to play time. The one thing I have always had difficulty with, was finding wooden community helpers. The sets I found only had a few or they fell apart really fast. What ever the case may be, Imagination Generation put an end to that with this set.

set of 15 imagination generation little professionals wooden characters perfect for kids to play with creativly
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Little Professionals

Imagination Generation


some of the imagination generation wooden professionals wooden characters on display in a circular patterns
Some of the Professionals

  • 15 wooden professionals
    • Artist
    • Astronaut
    • Athlete
    • Chef
    • Construction Worker
    • Doctor
    • Farmer
    • Firefighter
    • Mayor
    • Musician
    • Pilot
    • Police Officer
    • Scientist
    • Teacher
    • Zoo Keeper
  • 1 ways to play card


This set comes with 15 professionals. They are all dressed up according to what they do. For example the doctor is fully in scrubs while the mayor is wearing a nice suite. Some professionals are even holding things like the musician has a trumpet and the artist has some paint brushes. This is a really cute set. Their faces are so cute. A mixture of both male and female, young and old, they all have such sweet smile. For a wooden toy, they are also pretty nicely detailed. Overall well done.

imagination generation wooden professionals wooden characters with a view of the painted name on the bottom this one showing the pilot
Painted Name on Bottom

In addition to the wonderful paint job each professional received, if you look at the bottom, they all have their profession painted on them. This thrilled me for many reasons. First of all, if unsure, well now you will be. But the best part is if you have a beginner reader. As they are playing you can ask them to spell out the name they are playing with. For example if your little one is playing with the pilot, you can ask them how to spell pilot. 

imagination generation wooden professionals wooden characters with a view of the added triangular stand for stability
Added Triangular Stand

My all time best feature that separates this set from all the rest is the little triangular stand on the back. I have had some wooden future sets of similar design. I find when to may kids get in the way, they fall down. The extra stand make it more durable and child happy. Less falls more smiles; works for me.

If this is not enough to convince you the additional ways to play sheet is a plus. It has many tips for you to help engage your child from simple play like asking your children about colors to a more complex interactive play like making a story. In addition, this set goes through all 15 professionals. Each professional has a really cute name and information paragraph attached to them. The more your little one learns through play, the better. 

I would not suggest playing with this set alone (although that is fun). Pair it with a train set or blocks, and your little one really has what to do. Imagine a bridge collapsing and the construction worker comming to the rescue. The police can even ride an emergency train and help a fellow athlete out. 


  • wooden toy
  • fun
  • educational
  • large selection of professionals
  • well made
  • cute faces
  • encourages imagination


  • So far so good 

Bottom Line:

I have had a few wooden people in the past for my girls. They were cute but did not stand well and came with few. I have also had professionals but again the select was really small. This set of Little Professionals on the other hand is not only made for kids with amazingly detailed quality illustrations, but this set also has 15 professionals. 

With 15 Little Professionals kids can take fun to the next level. They can have a doctor help the sick baker. The astronaut can go to the moon on the spaceship build by the construction worker. What ever the case may be, this set leads to hours of play and creativity. 

I would like to thank Brybelly for sending me Little Professionals to review. All opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by any outside sources.

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