Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I just want to wish all you wonderful people a very happy Thanksgiving. This blog is not possible without all your love and support.

Keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit I would like to announce the opening of my new blog:

Little Lady Plays

There is not much going on yet until Sunday November 30th. Yes I will officially be open for full posting. Here are some of the big changes.

First off I have a Facebook page. I will start Sunday off with a one week raffle. As of right now, I plan on raffling off a $5 Amazon gift card to help you with your shopping. Of course you can change all that. Like and share my Facebook page and I will increase the prize to $10 if I hit 200 fans.

The second surprise is that I will only be transferring some posts over. Not all of them. Every day, starting on Monday and ending on Thursday, I will be sharing five of product reviews through the day. Instead of bringing over all the good and bad toys, I will select the top 20 toys and games to share with you. I will end off Friday with the winner of the Amazon Gift Card.

I am really excited to get this up and running. I have so much planned for the future of Little Lady Plays that I just got started.

I am looking forward to sharing one more post with you tomorrow. Don't worry. I know I will have amazing toys and products that will not make the switch that I will be leaving this blog up. 

For now, I have to start preparing for our big party but I hope you all have an Amazing Thanksgiving.

*Don't forget to share my Facebook page. The more likes, the bigger the prize. 

Thanksgiving Day

In honor of Thanksgiving, I would like to share this book with all of you:

Thanksgiving Day

By: Mari C. Schuh

Consulting Editor: Gail Saunders-Smith PH.D


Thanksgiving Day is an easy to read short story book about Thanksgiving Day. The layout of the book is very simple with the left side consisting of a photogrpah, illustration, or painting and the right side filled with text. Like the title sates, this book goes through the history of Thanksgiving Day starting with the fact it falls out on the First Thursday of November.

What makes this book very different than many other Thanksgiving books is that this one goes through a deeper history that is easy for kids to understand. It goes as far back as the pilgrims and continues on to the harvest. The book ends off with some different rituals that might be found in the home from a big meal to decorating the house with corn and pumpkins to symbolically remember the big harvest day.


  • Easy to read out loud
  • Easy for kids to read to themselves
  • History is simple to understand 
  • Each new aspect has a nice illustration, photograph or painting to kids can relate


  • Nothing 


  • If you child is to young to go to school and you are having a big family Thanksgiving Day meal, this is a great book to read to your child before everyone arrives. Your little one have an understanding about what is gong to happen and a little history about why.
  • After easing this book with your child, have your child write a little poem about whey they are thankful. Before everyone sits down to dinner, have all the little kids get up and read their poems about why they are thankful. This is a great way to get the kids involved.

Age Group:

  • 2 and older
  • Reading independently

Bottom Line:

Weather your child is old enough to read this book by himself or needs it read to him, Thanksgiving Day is a great way to show your child the history of Thanksgiving Day.

How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving today?

*If you would like to purchase Thanksgiving Day click on any of the links.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

9 Top Holiday Games that is Sure to be a Favorite

I saved the best for last. Playing games is something we love to do. It is just a time when the family can bond and not have to worry about anything. All of the worries and tragedies are replaced with bonding and laughter.

Here is a list that came mainly from my 11 year old who had fun helping out.

robot face race by educational insights
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Robot Face Race is so easy and fun. Kids of all ages can play making it an ideal gift for families with kids both young and old. After mixing up the faces, it is up to you to find the right combo on the board.

gamewright dodge dice
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Unfortunately we do not always have time to sit and play a full game. Between tests for the kids and work, having a fast game is a must. Just be careful, you need to have the least amount of points to win.

mind ware games pix mix
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Talking about fast and busy, this game will have you all confused. Trying to figure out which image you are really seeing is like a brain teaser. 
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even stevens odd by educational insights
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I never thought I would hear the day when math and fun would be combined with family game night and laughter. Well that was before we played this game. Oh my was it amazing how speed of both math and patterning could come in handy.
100 wacky things card game from patch
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This game has it right. All the laughing and silliness family game night should be. A great choice for large families as well. 

best game from gamewright pyramix
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Yes I had to save the best for last but Pyramix is an all time favorite. My girls love it, my friends enjoy playing and kids I have had over could not get enough of this game. It is not only a keeper here, but many have already added it to their holiday lists as well. 

Of course I could not leave out the wonderful solitaire games. Perfect for when the kids are asleep or the older ones need some along time. Of course these games are difficult. They will challenge your brain and fun way and should be part of any brain stimulation program as well. 

thinkfun gravity maze
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Start with the purple no it must the the blue. What ever the case may be, trying to arrange the towers gets increasingly difficult. When you think you got it, the marble goes another way. The best part, watching your little ones faces when the marble reaches the red box.
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Talk about all knotted up, this game is a real brain teaser. From right to left, over and under figuring out how to make this knot is not as simple as it may sound. A pleasure to play and unwind with.
thinkfun square by square
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Not all games are for adults. This game is for children as well. It will be fun to challenge your little one to see who can solve the puzzle fastest. You might be surprised. 
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