Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mommy Does Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Book


Mommy Does Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Book


Congratulations it s a boy, its a girl, is a surprise. Yes one of my friends is in her second trimester and keeping the baby gender a surprise until the big day. When I was contacted to test out Mommy Does Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Book I immediately thought of her. After downloading the book, (we got a digital copy), it was off to her hour to test.


The Mommy Does Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Book was pretty amazing. The book starts off with the mind. I know that babies are aware but the fact they can feel exactly now the mother is feeling is a little creepy. Always wanting to give the best to your unborn child, my friend started with thinking happy thoughts. I know this sounds like something from Peter Pan but if they say it works, we are all for it.

Now that was easy. The next part was doing the yoga poses. They were nice and did not cause to much stress on the baby. Each pose was very different from floor work to standing. They each relaxed the body and targeted different muscles.

Overall my friend was very happy with this book. Her and her baby are developing nicely and calmly. A happier pregnancy leads to a happier mom.


  • Nice variety of poses
  • Can do at your own pace
  • Nice tips as you move along


  • You have to be a very visual person to do this book fully. I would suggest reading through each pose and then perfuming it step by step.

Bottom Line:

The Mommy Does Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Book is a really good digital book to help you and your baby reach a sense of peace and calmness. My friend gained a lot from this book and I hope you will to.

If you or your friend is pregnant, Mommy Does Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Book is giving away  a hard copy of Mommy Does Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Book yes you will be mailed a hard copy of the book. As a little bonus, the first entry is free. I know carrying a baby can be stressful so this one is for you.

Did you / Do you do yoga while carrying a little one?
Can you share your prenatal yoga experiences?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Speakee Spanish for Kids

Speekee Spanish for Kids


Speekee Spanish for Kids was designed for kids to learn Spanish independently. The program is a great interactive program that uses multiple aspics from watching videos to walking along and finding stars with questions to answer. The kids are reward for their focusing with various tools to add to their Speekee room. 

I have to say the program is overall okay. It has a lot of space to interact. With all the videos and questions, there is nothing explaining to the English speaking child what is going on. I think maybe a small introduction in English of what is going to happen will be easier and then to the program. On the other hand, if you have a little one taking Spanish in school, this program is amazing. This is such a fun interactive way to not only help them remember the skills they are learning, but they can take that and increase their knowledge of Spanish.


  • Fun videos
  • Uses very attractive colors
  • Love the questions. Very simple one question quiz to answer in 10 seconds
  • Large variety of settings from the park to a ferris wheel
  • Kids control what they learn
  • Tools for parents, kids and home schools
  • Vidos are made with both puppets and kids


  • A bit confusing at times. I find this program to be amazing, but for the kid taking Spanish in school or with some Spanish background looking to improve. For example in one video, the instructor took blocks and used it to count to three. A few minutes later the same blocks were used to show colors. My mother speaks Spanish and was able to show my girls what the video was talking about. For myself and my girls with no Spanish background, this was very confusing at first. 

Bottom Line:

While my girls were very confused at times, my mother, who speaks Spanish loved this program. We came to the conclusion that although Speekee Spanish for Kids may not be for my girls, it really has a lot to offer. The videos are great for kids who know a little about Spanish. They are very educational and will help improve skills. I am all for Speekee Spanish for Kids but with limitations. 

Do any of your kids speak another language?
Have you bewared of Speekee Spanish for Kids?

*If you have a kid learning Spanish, I would strongly encourage you to check out Speekee Spanish for Kids. You can do this by clicking on any of the Speekee Spanish for Kids or connecting with them through Facebook and Twitter.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pure Shea Butter

Pure Shea Butter



Moms this one is for you. We all like to pamper ourselves every so often. Pure Shea Butter is one of those products you can use alone or get crafty with.

My face is naturally dry and flaky. I have used all sorts of creams and moisturizers. None of them really worked as well as I would have liked. When I got the opportunity to try Pure Shea Butter, I was thrilled. 

The Pure Shea Butter comes in a 1 lb container. In an way it reminds me of something I got at the deli. I would have liked a better packaging but overall not that bad. For the actual product paretty neat. 

Apparently Pure Shea Butter is naturally thick and hard. All you need is a little bit of heat to loosen the butter and make it spreadable. When I say little, I mean little. The first time I took less then a pea size amount and had enough for three. Now I just rub the top with my finger and rub on my dry patches. Yes a small amount goes a long way. No matter what this will last a really long time.

After applying to my skin directly, I noticed how much smoother my skin felt. I now use this product ever day. You can make your own facial products with it or feel free to add it to another products.

Just a small warning, this does not smell like your other beauty products. The Pure Shea Butter has a nutty smell to it. At first I was not expecting such a smell so it was a little surprising but once I got over it, it was not all that bad.


  • Softens skin
  • Feels good
  • A little goes a long way


  • The smell was a little to natural for me but doable


Although you can apply directly to face, here are some great recipes of beauty products you can make at home. 

Leave on Moisturizer:
1 tsp olive oil
2 drops vanilla

On a low heat, melt Pure Shea Butter. While mixing, slowly add the rest of ingredients and wait to cool. Container and apply to dry patches or whole body.  

Facial Scrub:
1 cup sugar
1 cup Pure Shea Butter
2 drops pure lavender oil

On a low heat melt Pure Shea Butter. Add in sugar and stir. Add lavender oil. When cooled take a small amount and scrub on face. Rinse with cool water. Can be applied daily.

As these are some homemade recipes, be crafty. Change the oils and scents. What I love about homemade products is the creativity involved. You are in control.

What are some scents you are going to try out?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.