Thursday, September 18, 2014

How to Pack for Older Kids

Sadly to say, I do not have any little ones any more. My youngest is 7 and fully independent. Well she thinks she is. So when we head out, I have a whole different game plan. There is no stroller to help out but thankfully there are kids. Both my 7 and 11 year old are big enough to help out.

The night before we head out for a trip, I usually prepare a back pack for my girls. This bag contains hand sanitizer and tissues just in case. If we are going far, I will include a few bandages for an emergency. In the morning, my girls are allowed to pick a snack or two. I like them to be independent so they do this according to what they are in the mood for. I also try to have some healthy snacks handy so they make a good choice.

Some of the snacks my girls enjoy taking on trips include raisins, apples, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, grapes, and cheerios.

Some snacks I take for myself and wish my girls would take include peaches, nectarines, and prunes.

As a caution, although both my girls and I love bananas, they are not so fun to travel with. They tend to bruise fast and leave a mushy mess.

After the snacks are packed, it is time for water. I am grateful that my girls are big water drinkers so I have to pack lots of water. If we go for a full day outing, I will pack a few extra waters in my bag just in case. Better safe then sorry.

Although I miss my girls being in the baby stage being wheeled around in a stroller, in a way it is easier that they can help out. Since they are packing their own individual bags, they know what they have and how to pace themselves. It is really cute. My 7 year old loves her backpack while my 11 year old is starting to grow up. Apparently the backpack phase it to little for her so she uses pocket books. What ever the case may be, heading out with older kids has many positive possibilities to it.

When you take your kids out, what are some of there must haves?

I will start this off:
For my 11 year old, it is a pack of gum.
For my 7 year old, it is her special dolls.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making Family Outings More Convenient

Children 'n Us Super Stroller Organizer


Heading out and about is never easy especially with babies and kids. No matter what the age group there are always things you need from snacks and drinks to tissues and wipes. Although a diaper bag is nice, they tend to get messy and not always handy. The Children 'n Us Super Stroller Organizer is something very different from what I have used in the past. It makes taking shorts trips with little ones much easier.


To start off with the design is nice and simple. The rectangular shape is pretty large and will hook onto multiple surfaces including strollers, bikes or wheelchairs. The front has two pockets. One perfect for keeping your cell phone handy. The inside has a pretty large open space with one hidden zipper in the back. On the sides, there are two pockets perfect for beverage storage. The back has an additional open pocket for smaller storage. 

Stroller Outings:

For moms, when you are heading out with the kids, this is the bag you will want. I find with kids, the large center pocket is perfect for storing all the bags of snacks. The more kids you have, the more you need. My nephews usually go out with bags of apples, raisins, oranges and crackers. The two side drink pockets are perfect for all sorts of  drinks. One side for mom and the other for sippy cup. If you are brining along a diaper bag, the larger center pouch can actually be used to store multiple no spill sippy cups. We all know the occasional kids want a treat, especially when the ice-cream truck comes singing down the street, so the inside back pocket is perfect for a few dollars. As for the front pouch, I love to keep the tissues for the sneezing noses. 

Wheel Chairs:

Some of you know I work with special needs kids. While most are mobile, some are confound to a wheelchair. No matter the age of the child, when in a wheelchair, moms still need to pack for an outing. The Children 'n Us Super Stroller Organizer is a bag that will help you moms as well. When I take my kids out, I fill the large center pocket with a few toys, some wipes, and a snack. Yes this bag can hold it all. I also packed it with two drinks and tissues in the front. Not to forget the front pouch held the cell phone for easy access. The back pocket was used to store some important paper work like allergy information. 

Bottom Line:

I have used this Children 'n Us Super Stroller Organizer on multiple occasions and it makes family outings more organized. When I work with wheelchair bound kids, having everything on hand makes my life as well as the child's life easier. 

As for kids, well I have two nephews as well as friends with kids. They love heading out going to the park or for nice family walks. This bag is something that everyone could use. Hooking onto a stroller, bike, or wheel chair is so simple. All you have to do is adjust the two straps and clip the buckles. Since the straps are on both sides, it makes it really easy to attach to anything with a bar or handle. 

Basically weather you are heading out and about with one kid or many kids, the Children 'n Us Super Stroller Organizer is an organizer that well to sum it up, made my life easier. I hope you enjoy your family outings as well.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2 Helpful Products to Protect Baby When Out and About

When it is really sunny out, keeping baby safe and protected from the sun is super important. Although I am not a fan, I know many moms and yes even you dads appreciate carrying your precious little one in a baby carrier. I do see the convince of having baby on hand but in the sun with the kids, this can pose some safety issues. Thankfully Shaidee has come to the rescue with 2 great products.


  Shaidee The Sun Smart Cool Gear

The Shaidee The Sun Smart Cool Gear is just practical and all around useful. Instead of keeping baby in the stroller, you can still carry your little one and not have to worry about the sun. Just like shown, you get a great shade for your baby. All you have to do is wrap it around you and your baby will be protected from the outer elements. 

I know this looks a little questionable, but when my friend and I both tried it out, we were shocked but it worked. It keeps its nice shape and the baby stays cool out of the direct suns rays. A little warning to all, it takes a outing or two to get used to. Although not heavy or bulky, it is a slight distraction but once you get used to it, it does wonders for your trip out. 


  • Protects baby from sun
  • Keeps baby in shade
  • One strap around mom/dad and you are good to go
  • Holds its shape
  • Extremely light weight


  • Takes a few wearings to get used to
If this is not cool enough, just wait till you hear about the next item:

Shaidee Bug Insect and Sun Protection Gear

The Shaidee Bug Insect and Sun Protection Gear is a netting that will protect baby from bugs. It straps over the Shaidee The Sun Smart Cool Gear and you are ready to go. It is very light weight and looks like the stroller covers you use only smaller. 

This will really come in handy for walks at dusk or neighborhood BBQ's. Anytime you are in a situation you want to take baby out but protect him from bugs, this product is perfect. 


  • Keeps baby protected from bugs
  • Keeps baby protected from larger elements
  • No hassle to set up
  • Large enough to fit older baby
  • Sun protection
  • Can be used with any carrier


  • As far as my friend and I have observed, nothing.
Now heading back to Monday's post, having a new little one can come with some challenges. You should not feel like you need to spend most time indoors. Although it will take time to get fully active again, if you like to carry your baby in a baby carrier, that is fine. But taking baby out in a carrier can be a little dangerous when outside elements are involved like bugs and sun. Shaidee has some great products that will allow you to still go out on your outings while helping keep your baby as safe as can be. 

I remember when I had my little one, we spend at least 6 months indoors. Back then I was a panicky little one. I have leaded my lesson since then.

When did you start taking your infants out?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.