Friday, October 24, 2014

Fun Manipulative for Toddlers

Part of grown up, is learning how to use your hands and finger. I know this may sound funny, but to a toddler, they spend much of their time learning and exploring from opening up doors to mixing their milk. We take it for granted but to them, this is huge. I am really into providing manipulative as part of play. By doing this, I am getting down to the toddlers level and being part of their play space. Together we are leaning how to use our fingers. Finding the right toy can be a challenge. Thanks to Educational Insights, I have a product that well just see the following review.

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Design and Drill Socket to Me

Educational Insights


all of the pieces included in the design and drill socket to me from educational insights
Colorful Contents

  • Green rocket
  • Blue robot
  • Red race car
  • Yellow boat
  • Screws
    • 6 green
    • 6 blue
    • 6 purple 
    • 6 orange
    • 6 magenta
  • 1 Manual wrench

Game Play:

Using the Design and Drill Socket to Me is really simple. First let your little one choose what they want to play with. then they choose the screws. The accompanying wrench is really easy to use. The child places the screw in the wrench and turns. It is so much fun and the colors are great.

As of right now, I have had many kids come and play with this set including some of the special needs kids I work with. Weather verbal or not, they all love it. It has been so much fun seeing them put the screws in and out. My favorite part is the wrench is manual. The kids have to use the motion in their wrist to get it in and out. I have an electronic wrench and although it is fun, it totally takes away the skills.

Kids, especially the boys, love a good tool set. If using screws and wrenches is not enough to captivate them, them I am not sure what is?


  • Fun
  • Colorful
  • Fine motor skills
  • Many toys for many kids
  • Not to easy or to simple to use
  • Kids love the various boards


  • None that I can think of.

Bottom Line:

Letting kids explore their environment is super important. With everything they do, they are getting ready for the world to come. Having a great toy that will make fine moro time fun and filled with laughs is super important. Design and Drill Socket to Me is just one of those toys. The kids love and I love playing with them. 

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I am grateful to Educational Insights for sending me Design and Drill Socket to Me in exchange for my honest review. All opinion are totally mine based in my playing together and observing various kids with this product. 

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Pawsabilities

The Littlest Pet Shop really is a complete line for girls to use their imagination. Although they can be used independently, they are best when used as part as a set. When BzzAgent also send us two independent pets, my girls when wild. They love playing with their friends. No amount of pets is to few for them. They were so thrilled because the Pawsabilities line is really unique from the rest. These pets can actually be styled in more then one way. This set has already giving them hours of fun. 

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pawsabilities

Nash Cuddlesworth

Ozzie Shellstein


completely unopened package of littlest pets shop pawsabiliteis set including nash cuddles worth and ozzie shellstein
Contents in Package

  • Ozzie Shellstein turtle
  • Nash Cuddlesworth cat
  • 3 Accessories
    • Snail
    • Blue flower
    • Yellow flower 


playing and posing littlest pet shop pawsabilities
Playing with LPS

Both my 7 year old and 11 year old are huge Littlest Pet Shop fans. They are always asking me for more and during the holidays and birthday season, well this is my go to product line. My girls cannot have enough and when Bzz Agent asked me to review, this set, of course I was thrilled.

Now my girls have a lot of different sets but this one just takes it to a whole new level. This set comes with two adorable pets. Yes the pets have cute bobble heads and details like the rest but what makes this set different is the ability to add accessories to them. Both the turtle and the cat have some small holes strategically placed that allow for added accessories to be place. For example my girls love it when the snail rides on the back of the turtles shell. Another fun thing would be to play with the placement of the floors on the cat giving her different hair styles.


  • Comes with 2 pets
  • Hase a few accessories 
  • Very interactive
  • Fun to add to existing pet shop collection
  • Cute bobble head action


  • Nothing

Bottom Line:

My girls are huge Littlest Pet Shop fans. They find the pets to be really cute and full of detail and color. In addition the bobble head action is just great. The Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pawsabilities sets just take this all to a whole new level. They are having such fun adding the accessories making the already great toy even more fun and interactive. 

playing with a few littlest pet shop set together
All LPS sets combined

Before I end off with this amazing Littlest Pet Shop Kit from BzzAgent, I want to show you one of the many ways my girls have been enjoying this set. They love playing with the sets independently as well together.

What is your little ones favorite Pet Shop Set?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set

If you stopped by yesterday, then you read my review about the Littlest Pet Shop Style Set. This is just the first part. Today, I want to share with you that there is more then one possibility. Yes it can be combined and adjusted to make more then one configuration. I was fortunate enough to get this set from BzzAgent to  test out, but there is a whole additional line. They can be added on the sides or build on top of each other. 


Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set


contents of the littlest pet shop yummy treats bar unassembled
LPS Contents

  • Pieces to build the treat bar
  • 1 Crying Penny Ling pet
  • 1 Display Case 
  • 2 Bones
  • 1 Fish
  • 2 Cupcakes
  • 2 Stacks of cookies
  • 1 Cooke Jar with lid
  • 1 Treat bag display
  • 6 Purple deco bits
  • 6 Yellow deco bits
  • 1 Sheet assorted stickers 


I got the Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set as part of a campaign from Bzz Agent. My girls are a huge fan of Littlest Pet Shop and so allowing them to interact and make them come to life was a great opportunity.

fully assembled littlest pet shop yummy treats bar with the illustrated instructions next to it'

To start off with, the assembly. I am usually not such a big fan of assembling toys because they are really difficult and often my girls need my help. I am not complaining. I love helping my girls but I also love when they are independent. This set not only comes with amazing, easy to follow instructions, but it comes with pieces that are easy to put together. Bottom line, my girls got to do the building and we got to do the enjoying together. 


littlest pet shop yummy treats bar with pet and accessories fully set up and ready to play
Playing :)

Whats not to love. The Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set comes with everything. Once assembled, there is so much to do from filling up the treat bar to having customers. My girls just adore Crying Penny Ling. They love pretending the fallen ice ream is his. Basically Ling dropped his treat and that is what made him cry.

When Lin leaves the store, my girls bring in other pest from their collection. It is such a pleasure to watch them. The best part is that with each customer, they can change the decor from yellow to purple or a mix of both. The sky is the limit. 


  • Cute
  • Colorful
  • Creative Play
  • Fun
  • Adorabel
  • Great Accessories
  • Fun to personalize


  • This is a really great toy and the accessories and amazing, I was really disappointed to find the back wall to be all paper. It is made from a decorative cardboard. Yes is is well designed and colorful, but my girls are always having playdates. I am not sure how long it will hold up. 


  • Get the rest of the set. Sorry for the bluntness, but if you like Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set there is more. Not only are there more sets, but this set, as well as the other sets can be attached on any side. The kids can build right, left, up or down. There is a lot of creativity involved with this. 

Bottom Line:

My girls have always been a huge fan of Littlest Pet Shop and the Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set is just another way to bring the pets alive. It is so much fun to let them shop for treats. The creativity and imagination my girls have had while play is such a pleasure to see.