Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set

If you stopped by yesterday, then you read my review about the Littlest Pet Shop Style Set. This is just the first part. Today, I want to share with you that there is more then one possibility. Yes it can be combined and adjusted to make more then one configuration. I was fortunate enough to get this set from BzzAgent to  test out, but there is a whole additional line. They can be added on the sides or build on top of each other. 


Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set


contents of the littlest pet shop yummy treats bar unassembled
LPS Contents

  • Pieces to build the treat bar
  • 1 Crying Penny Ling pet
  • 1 Display Case 
  • 2 Bones
  • 1 Fish
  • 2 Cupcakes
  • 2 Stacks of cookies
  • 1 Cooke Jar with lid
  • 1 Treat bag display
  • 6 Purple deco bits
  • 6 Yellow deco bits
  • 1 Sheet assorted stickers 


I got the Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set as part of a campaign from Bzz Agent. My girls are a huge fan of Littlest Pet Shop and so allowing them to interact and make them come to life was a great opportunity.

fully assembled littlest pet shop yummy treats bar with the illustrated instructions next to it'

To start off with, the assembly. I am usually not such a big fan of assembling toys because they are really difficult and often my girls need my help. I am not complaining. I love helping my girls but I also love when they are independent. This set not only comes with amazing, easy to follow instructions, but it comes with pieces that are easy to put together. Bottom line, my girls got to do the building and we got to do the enjoying together. 


littlest pet shop yummy treats bar with pet and accessories fully set up and ready to play
Playing :)

Whats not to love. The Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set comes with everything. Once assembled, there is so much to do from filling up the treat bar to having customers. My girls just adore Crying Penny Ling. They love pretending the fallen ice ream is his. Basically Ling dropped his treat and that is what made him cry.

When Lin leaves the store, my girls bring in other pest from their collection. It is such a pleasure to watch them. The best part is that with each customer, they can change the decor from yellow to purple or a mix of both. The sky is the limit. 


  • Cute
  • Colorful
  • Creative Play
  • Fun
  • Adorabel
  • Great Accessories
  • Fun to personalize


  • This is a really great toy and the accessories and amazing, I was really disappointed to find the back wall to be all paper. It is made from a decorative cardboard. Yes is is well designed and colorful, but my girls are always having playdates. I am not sure how long it will hold up. 


  • Get the rest of the set. Sorry for the bluntness, but if you like Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set there is more. Not only are there more sets, but this set, as well as the other sets can be attached on any side. The kids can build right, left, up or down. There is a lot of creativity involved with this. 

Bottom Line:

My girls have always been a huge fan of Littlest Pet Shop and the Littlest Pet Shop Yummy Treat Bar Style Set is just another way to bring the pets alive. It is so much fun to let them shop for treats. The creativity and imagination my girls have had while play is such a pleasure to see.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Style Set

To hit off with, here is the first and begets of the sets. It is the main Pet Shop building. It is here where the main part of the show takes place. The Shop the pets live and Blyth comes to pay them a visit. A place full of lovable action. 

link to amazon of littles pet shop style set for purchase 

Littlest Pet Shop Style Set


some of the contents and accessories in the littlest pet shop style set

  • Pieces to build the building
  • 3 Pets
    • Minka Mark (Monkey)
    • Sunil Nivia (Mongoose
    • Kitery Banter (Cat)
  • 1 Counter
  • 2 Pet cups
  • 2 Large pet food bags
  • 2 Small pet food bags
  • 1 Pet food bowl
  • 1 Pet food plate
  • 1 Display rack
  • 1 Rug
  • 1 Dog house
  • 1 Ladder
  • 1 Decorative tree
  • 1 Chandelier
  • Deco Bits
    • 13 White
    • 8 Orange
    • 8 Dark blue
    • 8 Light blue
    • 8 Hot pink
    • 8 Light pink
    • 8 Green
    • 8 Yellow
  • 1 Sticker Sheet


simple to follow instructions with the completed littlest pet shop building next to the littlest pet shop style set
simple instructions with finished product

Putting together then Littlest Pet Shop Style Set was not so difficult. I love it when my girls can feel they can do things independently and alone. For the most part, they had no issues. They were able to put together the pieces using the picture instructions that came with the set. They did have some difficult when it came to step 6. There was a lot gong on and no order. I had to step in but minimally. Overall it was nice to see something simple and lacking confusion.


a set up showing some playgoing that can be done with the littlest pet shop style set

Just look at the list of accessories. Must I say more. My girls just love Littlest Pet Shop and this set is so amazing. 

Style Set Building: The building is amazing. It is pretty large and colorful. The walls have holes in them so my girls can change the look using the large assortment of Deco Bits and stickers included. They also love changing the locate of the chandelier giving the set additional looks and feels. My favorite part of the set is that the front opens and closes. This allows my girls to open it up to play and store all the pieces inside when they are done. 

Pets: This set comes with 3 cute pets. They are really colorful and cute. Unlike some of the older sets, this set can be used with the Style Bits to add to the fun. 

Accessories: This set has it all from pet food to a display ladder. It even has a carpet to add decoration to the Style Set.


  • Tons of accessories
  • Promotes creative play
  • The pets are adorable
  • Very interactive
  • Can be used individually or as a set
  • The Style Bits change the look


  • I am greatly disappointed that the back of the shop and top are made of cardboard. My girls have lots of Pet Shop sets and this just takes away from the amazing quality I have grown to love.
  • Some of the parts do not stay together. While the store is pretty sturdy, I am having difficulty with the counter.

Bottom Line:

showing a photogrpah of the littlest pet shop style set before opening the box

My girls have always been huge Littlest Pet Shop Fans. They love everything from the small bobble head pets to the cute accessories they come with. As a matter of fact, my oldest one has been playing with them since they came on the market. I am a huge supporter of collecting them but this set has my mixed feelings. On the one hand, just look at the box. I love all the details and accessories, but on the other hand, it is really not the best that Littlest Pet Shop has put on the market.

I am grateful to BzzAgent for supplying my girls with this set. Although it may not have been the best,ti still has provided them with hours of fun and creative play. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Week

On of my girls favorite toys to play with is Littlest Pet Shop. They just love and adore anything that has to do with the toy. They cannot get enough of it. As a matter of fact, in addition to all the other gifts, they get, I have gifted them with a set for all their birthday's and holidays. They love it so much when I was invited to participate on a Littlest Pet Shop campaign through BzzAgent, I could not turn it down. My girls have never thanked me so much for this one.

When the Littlest Pet Shop box arrived, my girls were thrilled. They could not wait to open up the box. When they opened the box, their faces were priceless. BzzAgent really knows how to make kids happy. Instead of making this one post, I decided to go through each Littlest Pet Shop set individually. I will start off with the movie as the sets are based on the movies.

to purchase littlest pest shop passport to fashion dvd click on the link above 

Littlest Pet Shop: Passport To Fashion


The Littlest Pet Shop show, is a show that features Blyth. According to my girls, Blyth is a character who can talk to the animals. She discovered that by communicated to the animals of the Littlest Pet Shop. She has a whole series of he with the animals. Although most take place in the Pet Shop, they do do go on various adventures. Littlest Pet Shop: Passport To Fashion is a DVD that takes various episodes from that show that focuses mainly on fashion. 

I had to consult my girls on this one but apparently, Blyth is really into fashion. She loves fashion and that is how she got involved in saving the Littlest Pet Shop from closing down. It was her line of pet clothing that did the trick.

photograph of passport to fashion dvd featuring both cover and dvd box

To Paris with Zoe:

Zoe is a pet that is obsessed with fashion. When Blyth got the acceptance to participate, she took Zoe along. They were to do fashion contest. Wanting to win, they all got really exciting. That all changed when Zoe found a mime dog. She thought it was love at first sight. She got so invested that almost forgot about the whole show. Overall this episode is really cute and has some funny parts to it like Vinny getting so involved with the fly channel he forgot all about the fashion show. It has a little suspense to this episode. A great one for kids.

Shang Hi-Jinks:

This episode is a little different from the rest as the pets and Blyth go to Shang Hi because of Mrs. Twambly. This episode takes on a whole new direction as it brings in some wonderful Chinese culture in a funny way. Of course this episode was very involved in fashion only halfway across the world.

Plane It On Rio!:

Blyth has an evil competitor Ramon. Back in Rio with Emma and Minka, they discover that the luggage and some other important fashion accessories has been stolen in their luggage. Naturally they check out Ramon who turns out to be the thief. It is up to the pets to get all the stolen materials back and set everything straight in this fun adventure to help Blyth.

The Expo Factor 1&2:

This is what Blyth has been waiting for. She will be participating in a major fashion event. In the first part, the kids see how Blyth prepares for the show. This includes both her sewing and being stressed out. The pets are also filled with mixed feelings while letting some of their individual emotions show. It is really cute. As the tension builds up to the end of the part 2 when they are all ready to perform in there fashion show.

The fashion show is only part of what make Littlest Pet Shop such a fun place for kids. Playing with them takes it to a while new level. I hope to see you all tomorrow as I will be revealing some really neat toys and accessories that kids will love. If you child love Littlest Pet Shop, she will love the experience.

Is your girl a Littlest Pet Shop Fan?
What is your girls favorite Littlest Pet Shop Set?